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Oregon Coast Organic Cranberries

Brush Prairie Bogs is a small, family owned and operated cranberry farm on Oregon's south coast.

We offer organic fruit of high quality, featuring larger size, dark red coloring, and a sweeter cranberry flavor.


Sweet & Dried Cranberries

Brush Prairie Bogs is now offering Certified Organic, Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free, Lightly Sweetened Sweet and Dry Cranberries. Our sweet and dried cranberries start with our own high quality, whole cranberries, sweetened lightly with certified organic cane sugar, and slowly dried at 115 degrees. The gentle drying process preserves the enzymes and vitamins that the Oregon Cranberry is prized for. 


Fresh Cranberries

Each year we have small quantities of fresh berries, hand-picked at the peak of harvest time, and shipped straight from the field to you. These berries have excellent keeping quality, retaining their firm and fresh nature for up to six weeks. The deep red color makes a strikingly beautiful addition to your holiday table.  These fresh cranberries can be used in any cranberry recipe, or can be used in decorations or to create healthy snacks.


Frozen Cranberries

Most of our cranberry crop is water-harvested, and these berries are immediately frozen to preserve quality. We package these cranberries in various sizes including 5 pound bags, 40 pound boxes and approx. 1200 pound totes. (The exact weight of each tote varies slightly.)

These berries are perfect for drying, juicing, baking, cooking, canning, or just for wonderful snacking throughout the year. Because these berries are frozen, they retain their high quality and healthful properties.


As a small farm, our cranberry quantities are limited.  Order early in the season to be assured of getting your supply of these delicious, nutritious berries!